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"Some thoughts about Warri"

An African Board Game known by many different names and played many different ways in almost every country around the globe!

The Oldest Game in the World!

As simple as checkers to learn but as involved as playing chess!

Counting, assessing your choice of moves and their outcome is the key to the skill required!

Warri is a mental sport.

Warri keeps the mind lubricated.

Warri is a toll free bridge to world culture. 

Warri is a common denominator between players.

Warri makes the simple complex then simple again.

Warri is the easiest hard game to learn. 

Learn Warri before someone asks you to play, especially a kid.

Play Warri to win, enjoy the game sometime.  Play Warri to play well, enjoy the game every time.

Beware of the player who talks about who 'lost' instead of who won.

Play your best game and you'll never lose even if you don't win the game.


For more information about the Warri Society contact:

Robert Oba Cullins